WTC 9/11/2001

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WTC 9/11/2001



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Bin Laden
For The Murder Of 6353+
Innocent Children Of The Creator.

Here's a collection of photos from 9/11/01 Attack on Freedom. Please be patient as graphics will take a while to download.

Attack & Aftermath

Tower 2 The Second Hijacked Plane
Just Prior To Impact
The 1st Tower
Struck By The 1st Hijacked Airliner
Burns In The Background

Explosive Impact Of The 2nd Hijacked Airliner
Into Tower 2
The Horror That We Can Never Forget
The Entire Nation Viewed These Attrocities
As They Were Taking Place
Via Live Television Broadcast
Those At Ground Zero Were In Awe
Terror & Fear
Many Gave All When
They Were Trapped In The Buildings

People In Peril Flee For Their Lives
As A Cloud That Turned Day Into Night Rained Down On Them and Dust So Thick You Could Taste It. A Hail Of Debris Rained Downward And Outward Throughout A Large Portion Of Manhatton.

A Mushroom Cloud Erupts Outward As The Tower Begins To Implode
Those On The Streets Below Looked Up In Horror, And The Fortunate Ones Reacted Quickly To Escape The Raining Debris

Some Distance Away In Manhatton
These People Look On In Horror And Amazed Bewilderment
As The Events Of This Fateful Day Began To Unfold.

Take Special Notice To This Photo
These People Visable Through The Windows Of The Floors Above The Flames Were Trapped
Trapped Above The Flames Until The Building Ultimately Collapsed
Please feel free to download these pictures. History contained in these photos should never be forgotten, and as a reminder that we must never let our guard down!